Instituto Thomas Jefferson, Campus Zona Esmeralda

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Aquello que nos hace Familia: Conecta, directorio empresarial

Sistema Thomas Jefferson

In this segment, we share on video some of the projects and events that make unique the Thomas Jefferson Experience!

We encourage you to be witness of your child’s most significant moments at school by accessing TJ-Televison (

Seed Balls: Celebrating Earth Day 2015

As part of the celebrations of Earth Day 2015, 8th grade students learned how to do Seed Balls.

Seed Balls are...

PBL World War Trial

The students of 8 B, made an incredible PBL in which they impersonated historical figures from WWII and took them to trial...

¡Receta para formar héroes!

Necesitamos héroes, nuestro país, nuestro planeta… Para ser un héroe no hacen falta súper poderes, no hace falta saber volar o tener...